國立臺灣大學海洋研究所誠徵助理教授以上教師一或二名,起聘日期:2018年8月1日。應徵者需具備博士學位,專長為海洋相關研究領域,包括物理海洋學、海洋化學、海洋地質及地球物理、海洋生物學/漁業或生物海洋學等。意者請將(1) 個人學經歷(含發表之論文目錄),(2) 代表著作(2014年6月以後發表) 一至三篇,(3) 研究及教學計畫。以電子郵件於2018121前寄至:



曾于恒  教授



聯絡電話: 02-3366-1374

傳真: 02-2362-6802

本所網頁: http://www.oc.ntu.edu.tw

Faculty positions available at the Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University


The Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University (IONTU), invites applications for one or two faculty position(s), at the level of assistant professor or higher, starting on August 1, 2018. Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in research fields related to marine sciences, including physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, marine geology & geophysics, marine biology/fisheries or biological oceanography. Applicants should send (1) curriculum vitae (including publication list), (2) PDF reprints of up to three representative publications (published after June, 2014), (3) a proposal for future research and teaching preferences, via e-mail before January 21, 2018 to:

Prof. Yu-Heng Tseng

Chair, Faculty Search Committee

Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University

(tsengyh@ntu.edu.tw;please also Cc to chienchung@ntu.edu.tw)


Tel: +886-2-3366-1374

Fax: +886-2-2362-6802

Please visit http://www.oc.ntu.edu.tw for general information of IONTU.

Please also arrange for three recommendation letters to be sent directly to the Chair of the Faculty Search Committee.Upon receipt of the application, an acknowledgement email will be sent to the applicant within a week. Applicants who do not receive the acknowledgement email please contact the Chair of the Faculty Search Committee for confirmation.